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When a Loved One has Died

7 things to remember


One of the toughest parts about life—even if it does last forever—is when a loved one has died.

We love the bodily presence, the hug, the voice—in short, all the physical attributes that we associate with our beloved family, friends, or pets.

It’s difficult when a loved one transitions on to the next phase of forever. But life has taken a new turn and is offering you an opportunity to see past the illusion of death.

You now have a chance to realize that your departed loved one was and is much more than skin, muscle, organs, and bones.

That was only his earth-suit, his outward disguise that housed his essence for a while.

Your loved ones death is providing you with a new opening, a grand possibility to deepen your relationship with the soul you called parent, sibling, spouse, etc.

These seven keys can help you awaken to a greater reality and realize that your loved one is much more than the role you shared while on Earth.

And that, my friend, is easily worth the pain and sadness. Just give it some time and thought and you’ll see!

  • You will see her again . . . and can now: It’s well-established by near-death experience studies that, when you pass on, you enjoy a glorious reunion with deceased loved ones. Authentic mediums, after-death contacts, and spiritual teachings all say the same thing. Count on it.Many people have experienced after-death contacts. While awake or “dreaming,” they sensed, via the usual senses or more ethereal ones, the presence of beloved spirits. So stay alert. Pray that you will sense your loved ones presence and meditate to become quiet and peaceful so you can perceive their subtle presence. Or walk in nature and talk to her as though she is right there . . . because she is.

  • Celebrate—he graduated from earth-school! Many cultures celebrate death because they know their loved one has completed earth-school. They also know about #1 so they honor the accomplishment and accept that life is never-ending but ever-changing. You can experience the sadness and pain associated with a loved one dying, and at the same time, feel joy that they graduated. Try it! It’s similar to the bittersweet feelings when a young person graduates from high school: you’re happy they finished, but sad they will be leaving home.

  • She is having a wonderful experience: Unless your departed loved one was Hitler or another similarly dastardly villain, she is having a great time. As one lady said after her NDE, ‘Recall your very best day on earth; now multiply that times a million.’ That gives you an idea of how good it feels to go Home again, to enter the Light or—more accurately—to remember you are a being of energy who is an integral part of the Light now and forever. Sounds like a good deal to me. To paraphrase Gibran, when your bodily limbs have died, then shall you truly dance.

  • You can focus on LET: I’m using the word “LET” as an acronym for “looking forward; elation; thankfulness.” Those are three other emotions, in addition to grief and pain, that you can choose to focus upon. You can look forward to seeing your departed loved one again here and in the hereafter. You can be elated that she is in greener pastures and free of the trials and tribulations of this Earth plane. And, you can be thankful for all the wonderful times you two had together and all the super memories. So when your sadness gets too fierce, remember the acronym LET, as in “Let it be.” Focusing on these additional positive feelings tempers your grief and helps you see the big picture. Love and life are eternal.

  • He wants you to be happy: You can visit a psychic medium if you want or you can save some time and money since they all agree that loved ones in spirit share very similar messages: they want you to be happy, know they are alive and well, not worry about them, enjoy your life on Earth, know you will see each other again, and don’t blame yourself for anything you did or didn’t do while they were on Earth. You can do that, especially with all the proof that no one really dies and all the great news that accompanies that evidence. Remember that your loved ones transition provides a chance to develop a cosmic perspective, a long view of life.

  • Death is part of life: We all have wondered, “Why do we have to die? Why can’t everyone just live forever?” The answer is wonderfully simple: we don’t really die, but we do change. And change looks like a scary end of existence to those who only view life with the five senses. Also, imagine how boring and stifling a constant sameness would be. Here’s one way to do this: think of your very favorite movie and ask yourself, “Would you want to watch it every day for eternity?” Same way with life. Souls like variety, expansion, and adventures—not stagnation. Life is designed to include perpetual change. It’s a great setup when you release fear and realize there’s a rhyme and reason to it all.

  • Use his gifts: Various cultures believe that when a loved one dies, he sends a spiritual gift to you. Many survivors have noticed a marked change in their personality or energy after a beloved one passes on. From another perspective, it’s impossible to know someone well without receiving gifts from him. We are energetic beings living in an energy Universe. Your interactions resulted in a literal exchange of physical molecules and energy patterns. Just imagine the transfer of love, ideas and inspiration. Use those gifts to better yourself and the world.