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After-Death Communication (ADC) Experiences

Personal Accounts - Person-to-Person: Telephone ADCs

Carole, a 43-year-old hypnotherapist in Michigan, had this telephone conversation about 12 weeks after her mother died:

My mother was killed in a gas explosion. It was very sudden, and there was no physical body to be viewed. So I was having a difficult time about how she died. I would find myself thinking her death wasn’t real. I just wasn’t accepting the fact that she was gone – I was totally in denial.

While I was sleeping, a telephone rang in my dream. I answered the phone, and I heard my mother say, “Carole, this is Mom.” An energy shot right through me when she said that. And I knew it was her!

I began crying uncontrollably, saying, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” I don’t remember our conversation clearly, but I believe she said, “Carole, I am on the other side. I am no longer on the earth plane. I’m not coming back.”

When I woke up, my pillow was soaking wet, my face was wet, and my nightgown was wet. I felt emotionally drained, but I was finally at peace.

This phone call pushed me over the hump. I finally moved out of denial and could go on with my grieving for my mother


Monica is a 52-year-old bookstore owner in Missouri. She heard from her father in an unusual way 3 months after he died of a heart attack:

My father died in June, and this was in September. I was at home one day and called a company about something very routine. The operator came on the line and told me to wait, and then the elevator music began.

Suddenly, the music cut off, and I heard my father say, “Hello, Dolly!” That’s what he always called me. Then he said, “You know who this is!” I knew his voice, but I didn’t say anything because I was so stunned!

A few seconds went by and then he said, “This is your daddy.” His voice was very gentle and sounded exactly the same as ever. It was like a long-distance connection, but there was no static and the line was perfectly clear.

Then the operator came back on the line to tell me the person I was calling wasn’t there, and I hung up. Naturally, I tried calling that number again to see if anything would happen, but it didn’t.

This unique experience was so real that I cannot question it. It shattered my skepticism about such communications. Perhaps my father chose this method so that I could in no way doubt the reality of it.