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After-Death Communication (ADC) Experiences

Personal Accounts - Encounters at Alpha: Twilight ADCs

Helga is a former secretary in Florida. She had a significant meeting with her mother, who died from a stroke at age 78:

It was very early in the morning, three weeks after my mother’s passing. I was in that state of trying to wake up – sort of half asleep and half awake. I saw my mother by my bedside, between the wall and the bed, from her waist up. She was very solid and about two or three feet away.

I could see her very clearly. She looked in her fifties, when she used to wear her hair in little brown curls. She was wearing a dress that she liked very much, a brown and lilac floral print.

Mother looked very concerned because she was worried about me. She said in German, “Helga, don’t grieve for me anymore. I am doing just fine. I am released from everything.” She spoke with her actual voice. She loved me so much that she wanted to reassure me she was all right.

With that, I was up and fully awake, looking for her, but she wasn’t there anymore. I was stunned by this experience. It was beautiful, but I really didn’t know what to make of it at the time.



Claude, a 60-year-old dentist in Washington, had a vision of his mother’s two deceased sisters, his Aunt Pearl and Aunt Stella:

I was reclining one night in bed, not quite awake and yet not quite asleep. I had what most people would describe as a vision. I saw the faces of my Aunt Pearl and Aunt Stella.

They appeared to be very happy. They were well groomed and their hair was neatly combed. They had pleasant facial expressions – smiles, if you will. They indicated to me a state of well-being, a state of happiness and general goodness.

If I saw two people like that on the street, I would think, “By golly, they’re living a pretty pleasant life. Things are well with them. They’re happy and they must be doing something good, something worthwhile.”

Early the next morning, I’d say about 6:00, my father, who lived in another state, telephoned me. He said my mother had died the night before. It was really shocking! I knew she wasn’t feeling too well, but I didn’t think she was close to death.

It was then that I understood the purpose of my two aunts appearing to me. This vision helped me to recognize that my mother was in their good hands.