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Events Calendar

Date City State Title Speaker(s) Desc
2/24/2017 St. Petersburg FL Back to Your Center Mark Pitstick and Suzanne Giesemann weekend retreat More Info
3/6/2017 Nassau The Bahamas This World and The Next: Scientific Exploration of Eternity, Consciousness & Immortality Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, Raymond Moody, Rajiv Parti, Marilyn Rossner, etal. More Info
3/16/2017 Vail CO Physicians' Perspectives of NDEs Drs. Eben Alexander, Mary Neal, Raymond Moody with Karen Newell - Panel More Info
3/17/2017 Vail CO Synthesizing Science & Spirit through NDEs Drs. Eben Alexander, Mary Neal, Raymond Moody with Karen Newell - Workshop More Info
4/7/2017 Baton Rouge LA The Gift of One Heart Suzanne Giesemann mini-retreat More Info
4/21/2017 Highland Park IL Sound Healing Journey: An Evening of Healing Eben Alexander and Karen Newell More Info
4/22/2017 Highland Park IL Accessing Infinite Oneness Eben Alexander and Karen Newell Workshop More Info
6/23/2017 Unity Village MO Making the Connection: Celebrating Spirit Suzanne Giesemann Retreat More Info
8/11/2017 Montreal Canada Ancient Wisdom, Science and Spirituality: IIIHS Conference Eben Alexander, Raymond Moody, Karen Newell, Rajiv Parti, Amit Goswami, and more More Info
9/10/2017 Cortes Island Canada Your Soul's Plan: The Spiritual Meaning of your Life Rob Schwartz weekend retreat More Info
9/14/2017 Scottsdale AZ Afterlife Communication Symposium Mark Pitstick, Suzanne Giesemann, George Noory and more More Info
9/17/2017 Scottsdale AZ Living in the United States of Awareness Suzanne Giesemann workshop More Info
9/22/2017 Scotts Valley CA Behind the Illusion: A weekend workshop at the brand new 1440 Multiversity campus Eben Alexander & Karen Newell More Info