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After-Death Communication (ADC) Examples

Confirmation: ADCs with a Witness

Tammy is a computer operator in Washington. She was given new hope after her 9-week-old daughter, Melanie, died of SIDS:

Melanie’s death really broke my heart. I was so bitter and angry and couldn’t believe that this had happened. I couldn’t understand why – it was just so unfair! And I was so scared that she wouldn’t go to heaven because her christening was to be on June 9th, and she died on June 6th.

We buried Melanie on June 8th. When we came back from the cemetery, I was the first one to enter the house. As soon as I opened the door, the house smelled of roses – a very strong aroma. I didn’t say anything for fear the others might say I was going crazy.

When the others came in – about ten people – everybody else started smelling the roses! Somebody said, “Oh, Melanie’s here! The house smells of roses!” Only one person didn’t smell them, and she had never seen Melanie when she was alive. The aroma was there for a few seconds, and then it was gone.

This experience reassured me that my precious baby is okay and she’s with God in heaven.


Lois, a homemaker in Nebraska, witnessed a very nurturing moment shortly after her husband, Ray, died of a stroke at age 33. An earlier experience of hers is in the chapter on auditory ADCs:

When my husband, Ray, passed away, our four sons were between eight and thirteen. The three older boys knew that their father had not been well and understood what had happened. But our youngest son, eight-year-old Jesse, was frightened and disoriented.

Ray was always very compassionate with the boys and always talked to them about everything that happened. He went camping with them and discussed problems with them. He spent a lot of time with his sons.

Two mornings after Ray died, I walked down the hall of our house. As I approached the master bedroom, I saw Jesse sitting on the side of the bed with his father! His dad had his arm around him and was talking to him. Ray looked natural like he normally did. He seemed to be calm and reassuring.

Ray was aware I was there too. He looked and kind of smiled at me, then gestured for me to go back down the hall. So I went around the corner and waited for about fifteen minutes.

Jesse finally came out of the bedroom. Apparently, Ray had explained to him what had happened, and he seemed to feel a lot better. Jesse said, “Daddy told me that he has gone and won’t be coming back and not to worry about him. Everything will be all right.” Jesse seemed much happier than he did before.

The fact that this happened didn’t surprise me very much. After that, our boy was able to accept his father’s death and go on.