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After-Death Communication (ADC) Examples

Validation: Evidential ADCs

Tricia is a clothing designer in Florida. She was 18 years old when she attempted to tell her family that she had seen her mother, who had died of cancer:

Right after Mother passed away, I was in my bedroom. All of a sudden, I felt a presence. I had a little night light, so I rolled over and turned on the switch.

I saw my mother standing there! She had on a blue velvet dress that I’d never seen before. When she died of cancer, she weighed only fifty-seven pounds. But when I saw her, she was beautiful and healthy and happy!

I remember jumping up and screaming! Then I ran into the other room to tell my family that my mother wasn’t dead. They thought I was being hysterical and having hallucinations. Finally, they calmed me down, and I began thinking they were right.

Some time later, my aunt and I were going through my mother’s hope chest. I came across a blue velvet dress and started bawling my eyes out.

My aunt said, “What’s the matter?” And I said, “This is the dress my mother had on when I saw her!” My aunt said, “That’s the dress your mother made to get married in. She didn’t have enough money to buy a wedding dress, so she made this blue velvet one herself.”


Ann Marie, 39, is a secretary and bookkeeper in Oklahoma. She was heartbroken when her daughter, Brittany, was stillborn:

I was at full term and had been in labor off and on for about a week. I went to the doctor’s office, and he couldn’t pick up a heartbeat. And when I went to the hospital, Brittany was pronounced dead.

She was my only child. I had waited for her for ten years, and I had a hard time letting her go. I was wondering who was taking care of my daughter and if she was all right and safe.

This dream was about three months after Brittany died. The first thing I remember was a bright light. There were a lot of people and there was singing.

All of a sudden, I saw a lady holding my daughter. Brittany appeared to be at least six-to-nine months old. She held out her arms to me and called, “Mommy!”

I didn’t recognize the woman who was holding her. She was an older lady, pretty good sized, and her hair was braided up. I asked her who she was, and she told me she was my Grandmother Robinson. Then my experience ended.

Afterwards, I talked to my mother and told her about it. My Grandmother Robinson died when I was only one or two years old. I never knew her and I had never seen a picture of her.

Then my aunt came to visit and brought some family photos so I could see them. I picked Grandmother Robinson out right away! She looked exactly the way I had seen her a couple of weeks earlier – same dress, same size, same hair. I had never seen that picture before!

This was God’s way of telling me that my daughter is okay. I’ve always taken this as God’s gift to me.