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After-Death Communication (ADC) Examples

Saving Grace: ADCs for Suicide Intervention

Walt is a 42-year-old actor, writer, and truck driver in Florida. He underwent spiritual renewal 3 years after his grandfather died of emphysema:

I was working for a newspaper under stressful conditions. I got very depressed and was thinking of committing suicide.

One night I thought I was awake when my grandfather came in and sat on my bed – I even felt the bed move. He put his hand on my leg, and I actually felt him! He was happier than I had ever seen him, and he was wearing an olive green suit.

Grandpa said, “What’s wrong with you, Walt? You’re not like this. You have always been very happy and very confident.” It was my grandfather’s voice – he had a New England accent.

I was surprised that he was there – he was supposed to be dead! When I realized it was my grandfather, I completely woke up, but then he was gone.

It was like “Wow! My grandfather came all the way from the other side to cheer me up!” Nobody around me did that, nobody alive. I felt cared for – somebody was concerned for my well-being.

I knew my grandfather came to me because he loved me. He loved me enough to communicate at a time when I really needed someone. He reminded me about an attitude that I had forgotten, and his coming brought me back to the way I used to be.


Sondra is a nurse in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her son, Greg, came back after he died in an automobile accident at age 16:

This was exactly three months to the day after Greg’s death. I couldn’t take it any longer – I had to be with my son. I made plans to end my own life. I went to bed, and in my prayers I asked God to allow me to go and be with Greg.

Later that night, I woke up and there was a real warmth on my right cheek, like a kiss. Then the strong smell of Greg’s Polo cologne just filled me. The message I got was, “Mom, I’m okay. Get a grip, Mom!”

I lay there awhile and just couldn’t believe it! I kept breathing in Greg’s cologne. It lasted maybe two minutes, and then it faded.

In the morning, I contacted my minister. He said that God had allowed Greg to come back to tell me that I was needed here and that he was safe.

After this experience, my thoughts of suicide ended. That was a turning point in my slow recovery because now I know my son is okay.